Walk-ink Trail

typography / exhibition design
Ideation and Design
Agata Tomaszek
Self-initiated project
Project Overview
The Walk-ink Trail is a fictional open air exhibition featuring street art made with air pollution in Poznan, Poland. Poland is one of the most polluted countries in Europe. The exhibition aims to raise awareness around this issue and promote Air-Ink as an alternative art supply.
Typo polo is a common aesthetics defined by amateur signboards across polish cities. It became an inspiration for the typographic treatment to fit the campaign in the local context. The typeface varies between three weights to indicate the amount of the up-cycled air pollution of each artwork accordingly.

To emphasise the nostalgic character of the exhibition, it is designed in the form of a popular childhood game
chalk chase.

The receipt paper, just as air pollution, can not be recycled, but can be up-cycled instead. Therefore, it became the paper stock for the project.

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