South Tyrol

case study
Project Overview
The interactive guide to South Tyrol is a website based on physical tourist guides to the region.

Selecting the topic of South Tyrol was inspired by our passion for nature and travelling. South Tyrol, located just south of the Austrian border, is Italy’s best kept secret; a region filled with astonishing landscapes to explore. Its rich history has made it a spot filled with fascinating cultural diversity. All these ensured a big variety of content and made a perfect material for an interactive guide.
Priority Guides
In aim to determine the information hierarchy on the individual pages, we created priority guides. Since as mentioned, the data was related to the location, we used maps as a primary navigation tool.
Usability Development
The two screens below are an example of the project development and usability testing.

In aim to provide several navigation ways, we added a navigation bar which allowed to switch between the subpages. However, to prevent the visual clutter and confusion, we hid the options in the hamburger menu.

Furthermore, we added the map of Italy and its surroundings as a reference to the map of South Tyrol so the user is able to localise the region.
The navigation within the subpages was also map-based to indicate the location of the provided information. We placed a menu leading to the next level of information on each of them and used the icon buttons to filter the data.
The climate pages were the only exception from the navigation system where we decided to use regular column graphs using the design principles described by Edward Tufte.
One of our main objectives was to keep the complex structure intuitive enough for the user to be able to avoid using the hamburger menu. However, the other way would be to attempt to simplify the information system. On the other hand, it would be recommended to test the user flow through the map navigation; if it is clear enough for a viewer who had never heard about South Tyrol.
The Problem
The brief was to created a website based on an encyclopedia-like book. The main challenge was to translate the linear book structure (i.e. the list of content, chapters, pages) into an interactive web experience.
Information Architecture
We divided the content collected from guidebooks into three categories: Stubai Alps, Dolomites and Ötztal Alps which were the primary level of information. From there, the user could navigate between the subcategories including  general information, activities, history and climate.

In the primary stages, we created several different information structures. However, considering the audience who are visitors of the region, we deduced that their interest would be focused on particular destinations. Therefore, the information was filtered by three mountain range
The project was directed to both to the visitors of South Tyrol and everyone searching for the information about the region.




Ideation and Design