Show your face

case study
Project Overview
Show your face is a virtual degree show designed for the Graphic Design, Illustration and Interactive courses. It was our first web project designed from scratch and turned into a final, fully working product. The project was led remotely.
Private View
To maintain the real-life event atmosphere, the pre-prepared Private View videos were uploaded to the special subpage according to the schedule provided in the invitations. In the 20 min break after the launch of the first video, the viewers were directed to the social media where they could access the live content, share their experiences and connect.
The experimental degree show turned out to be a success according to the students' and visitors' feedback. It also reached the higher amount of visitors in relation to the previous exhibition (1009 unique visitors and 1338 website visits).
Designing a virtual show allowed us to learn a lot, also from our own mistakes. During the process, we had been testing our ideas on various content and receiving feedback from our design partner, tutors and a small team of fellow students. In the future projects, it would be helpful to test more solutions and differentiate the feedback group.

The amount of submitted work was lower than expected, therefore, sorting it only by course worked well. However, if the there was significantly more submissions, we shall consider using tags to filter them and possibly test randomizing their order to make it fair for all students.
The Problem
The Degree Show is usually a physical exhibition, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we decided to move it to the virtual reality. The challenges were:
  • to set up an appropriate platform and organize the content,
  • to set up the work submission system,
  • to design a virtual event recalling a real life experience.
Website Content
We expected up to one hundred students to submit their work, therefore, we had to organize the content so it is accessible and intuitive for the viewers, bearing in mind the restrictions of Squarespace on which we chose to build the website.

Final pieces infinite gallery

Student/project searching

Brand story

Landing page

Sketchbook infinite gallery

The visitors from the design industry were the primary audience. The secondary audience included students (current and prospecting), friends and family.

Student’s individual sub-page

We decided to include our brand story to showcase the process of creating a virtual degree show, but also to focus on the navigation among different students, courses and projects.

We came up with navigation ideas including searching by: course, discipline (i.e. branding, animation), name and using a search bar. Bearing in mind the Squarespace restrictions and the audience, we only used the course criteria (e.g. the search bar would not be used by the industry as they would not look for a specific person/project).